Aqua Joy Stiff Back
BANKSIA & Aqua Joy Stiff Back



If you have difficulty standing up, this comfortable full-length bath is the perfect choise. The BANKSIA has the added option of incorporating Aqua Joy bathlift (power seat), which at the touch of a button will lift you safely in and out of the bath.

This is a seat which helps people who are less able to get in and out of the bath. 

It is battery operated and comes up to the height of the bath to enable you to sit and swing your legs around, press the button and it lowers you into the bottom of the bath and again it will raise you when you have finished.

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              BANKSIA DEL-1500


Outer Dimension:

   Size 1500mm L x 750mm W x 560mm H  Shower screen1900mm H



The Banksia walk-in bath, with back support, was created to provide you a traditional reclined bathing experience,

while removing the difficulties associated with having to step up, over and into the bath. The easy-entry door

eliminates this awkward process and ensures safe transfer. As well, the Banksia walk-in bath offers ample space for

stand-up showering. With available lengths is 1500 mm replacing your existing bath is easy. The Banksia  walk-in

bath is really a dual purpose bath as it provides full stand up showering for one user and full lie down bathing for


Once inside the Banksia walk-in bath, you simply lower yourself to the base of the tub and begin bathing. 


•Easy entry and exit. 

•Complete shower screen. Option

•Palm hand door opening system

•Hand shower, Waterfalls, water mixer, waste water drain,  the unit fully plumbed  

•Size 1500mm L x 750mm W x 560mm H  Shoer screen1900mm H 


• Air pump  1hp

•Heated pump 1500 w

•14 Air jet. All pipes for whirlpool drain when tub is drained - improves sanitation 


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