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Bath lift economically improves safety and comfort for huge numbers of people

with disability by Aqua Joy Bath Lift

An internationally proven bathing chair that lowers and raises people with disabilities and infirmities so they can safely enter and leave their bath has been introduced by SafeBath Australasia.



The durable, reliable and safe battery-powered Aqua Joy Bath Lift can reduce substantially the costs of renovating homes to suit people with disabilities because it can fit without modification into existing baths, including walk-in, spa and traditional types. 


“ The beauty of the Aqua Joy is that it can be used by people of all ages and many levels of disability, from older people with frailties and baby boomers with arthritic conditions through to adults and children whose disabilities make bathing a potentially hazardous time,” says SafeBath Australasia Managing Director Adam Deeby. 


Aqua Joy complements SafeBath’s established range of safe bathing innovations, including walk-in bath and shower combinations that come pre-plumbed to also reduce installation and renovation casts.


Instead of renovating or building an entirely new bathroom, an Aqua Joy Bath Lift  is simply placed inside an existing bath and – at the push of a button - the bather sitting on it moves downwards and upwards, allowing access into and egress out of the bath.


The accessory swivel seat on the bath lifter projects over the lip of the bath so users can move easily onto it, and then slides back over the bath with the user upon it, so they can be lowered into the bath. The process is reversed for raising and exiting.


In addition to the nearly one in five Australians the ABS says live with some degree of disability (18.5 per cent of the population), the Aqua Joy Bath Lift is ideal for people who use wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.    “Transferring from a wheelchair to the Aqua Joy Bath Lift is unproblematic because the transfer is made at the same level between the two seats. The lifting and lowering is then done for you,” says Mr Deeby. 


The ease of access in and out of the tub enhances the ability of people with disabilities to bathe independently.  However, if desired, the bath-lift can be used by any member of a household.


Simplicity of use extends to the charging process, which includes an indicator light to show when the battery is charging.  One charge generally lasts for 15 lifts however, as with all chargeable batteries; the more they are charged the longer the life (in some cases up to six years). The bath lift has a unique inbuilt safety feature of not lowering unless there is sufficient charge to raise the client back to the top of the bath.


Aqua Joy Bath Lifts are both portable and versatile. They are suitable for deep baths, (having a maximum seat height of 460mm); as well as for shallow baths (with a minimum seat height of 88mm). The maximum lifting weight limit is 170kg (26.5 Stone). 


Aqua Joy Bath Lifts can fit into almost any style of bath and is totally transportable. The Aqua Joy separates easily into two compact sections, saving storage space and enabling portability and ensuring travel costs are reduced.  Being able to take it to hotels or to a relative’s accommodation eliminates the need of finding accommodation with specialised facilities provided in-house.


With the seat positioned as far back in the bath as possible, the design provides maximum legroom to optimise one’s comfort in the bath. A luxury ‘slip over cover’ attached to the Aqua Joy Bath Lift further enhances comfort.


A range of accessories is available, such as vertical  detachable side flaps, lap belts,  chest restraints, head rests and pommels enabling children and adults suffering Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and other debilitating illnesses to at last enjoy a bath in safety without fear of injury.


The quality control in the manufacture and assembly of the Aqua Joy Bath Lift is second to none,   The units are cycle tested ten thousand times on a regular basis that is the equivalent of two baths a week for almost one hundred years.  Every component is individually tested before assembly 


Aqua Joy Bath Lift is designed to be safe and simple to use, so as to assist people of all ages with all variations of disabilities, to improve their mobility and hence become more independent.


For customized package deals especially designed to fit individual needs, please call


For customized package deals especially designed to fit individual needs, please call


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